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Dev News / RSS - 1 year ago

IP Geolocation with ipstack (Sponsored)

Knowing where your web visitor is located is an incredible advantage to any website; you can show relative content like maps, pricing, and availability, output your content in their likely language, etc -- I cannot overstate how useful that info...

Dev News / RSS - 1 year ago

DDoS Protection by Incapsula (Sponsored)

DDoS protection is an incredibly important protection for sites that require dependability, regardless of the service your site provides.  Whether your online product or service is for managing money, buying or selling crypto, or simply shari...

Dev News / RSS - 1 year ago

Incapsula Web Application Firewall (Sponsored)

When I speak with people who have interviewed for front-end jobs at cryptocurrency exchanges, they always tell me how surprised they are that a majority of the interview questions are security-centric.  Basic front-end security practices are fai...